Arab Bank (Switzerland) Ltd is launching trading app

Arab Bank (Switzerland) Ltd. has launched a trading app built on the Integral BankFX Platform to expand mobile trading services to their institutional and corporate customers.

Arab Bank (Switzerland) Ltd. is committed to providing a powerful, end-to-end FX solution to its customers and has worked closely with Integral since 2014 to enhance its services with a bespoke single dealer platform for their clients. As customer demand for access to mobile trading grew, Arab Bank (Switzerland) Ltd. again turned to Integral to develop a mobile trading app.

“The banking industry is becoming increasingly mobile, so our customers expect us to deliver the same high level of service and performance in our mobile platform as we do across our other solutions,” said Rani Jabban, Head of Treasury. “We’ve had a strong, longstanding partnership with Integral and were confident that they could extend the BankFX platform to meet our customers’ mobile trading needs. The feedback has been extremely positive.”

“Arab Bank (Switzerland) Ltd. is committed to providing a seamless and complete experience to its FX customers. BankFX is a flexible, cloud-based platform that addresses the entire FX lifecycle, so it is straightforward for us to customize the platform to accommodate their evolving requirements,” said Harpal Sandhu, Integral CEO. “In this case we integrated our mobile app so their customers can trade whenever necessary.”

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