ATFX Increases its Product Offering with Uber Shares CFDs

ATFX, one of the leading online trading brokers, has announced the new and trending Uber CFDs on its website. ATFX’s main priority is to offer competitive spreads to its traders.

With its launch by Uber for the first time, it was visible to everyone as on-demand equivalent to taxis. In addition to this, the use of technology and its expansion into food delivery as well as new mobility presented it as a threat to traditional services. Currently, it enjoys more value than the market cap of popular companies such as the General Motors Company (GM).

In CFD online trading, Uber has emerged as the major entity in the market. It is possible to take long or short positions in Uber CFD framework and also it is possible to analyze the shares prices in the market. ATFX spokesperson has said that the complete exposure to the CFD’s can only be achieved with a small number of deposits in the initial phase. Only after studying this initial investment, profits or losses can be studied.

As a regulated broker ATFX has announced that if traders face loss in spread betting then they will not be allowed to claim any tax relief against any other income. ATFX, the broker has selections from various sectors such as technology and finance. And also, it also offers products from popular companies such as Apple Inc, Amazon, Alibaba and McDonald’s for trading.

The company also offers products from household names such as Apple Inc, AIG, Amazon, Alibaba Group and McDonald’s providing traders with a vast selection.


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