Binance.US to launch in the coming weeks

Cryptocurrency exchange Binance.US will launch in the next weeks, preceded by Know Your Customer (KYC) registration a few days earlier.

According to Medium post published by Binance.US, they outline few key items that will help the preparation for trading on the Binance.US  marketplace. In addition, they will open the KYC onboarding earlier, in order the users of the platform to verify the account and deposit funds.

KYC Requirements

KYC (know your customer) will be required for trading on Binance.US. Setting up a new account will require a valid government ID (driver’s license or passport) and social security number (SSN) to register for access to the Binance.US marketplace, available in most U.S. states. According the post they are finalizing the list of states where they will start to roll out service to users and will release this list before they start welcoming users.

In addition, they will provide desktop/mobile web access and they will launch an app version in the future.


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