Bitmarket Polish Crypto Exchange Shuts Down

Bitmarket , Polish cryptocurrency exchange has just shut down without warning.

According to a brief message Bitmarket said to have been Poland’s second largest crypto exchange staded:

“We regret to inform you that due to the loss of liquidity, [from] 08/07/2019, was forced to cease its operations. We will inform you about further steps.”

Although it is not clear exactly what caused the “loss of liquidity” a Reddit post suggested that exchange had been exhibiting odd behavior in the weeks prior to the closure.

One user even went to tell that the exchange made account users make a lot of changes to their accounts, including changing passwords and API keys without much explanation. Also, it appears that the level of verification of accounts was not advanced and did not meet the expected standards of users.

The firm had also not responded to claims it had been hacked, said the post.

Bitmarket’s Twitter account had no statement on the closure since 8th of July.

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