BrokerTec to launch RFQ platform

The BrokerTec Quote platform will provide RFQ functionality to European repo market participants to make better-informed trading decisions and enhancements to execution capabilities, according to the firm.

The platform will be launch in Q2 2019 and will be made available for European sovereign debt, UK gilts along with supranational and agencies throughout the EU27 bloc. The platform also plans to expand by including US Treasuries and several major sovereign bond markets, including Australian and Japanese Government bonds.

“The development of RFQ functionality and launch of the new BrokerTec Quote segment is the next extension to our existing, market leading dealer-to-dealer Repo platform,” said John Edwards, managing director of BrokerTec Europe. This new service will leverage the existing regulated platforms in the UK and the Netherlands for the EU27 and offers meaningful opportunities for the dealer community on BrokerTec by delivering significant efficiencies and enhanced execution services in the dealer-to-client space via an RFQ protocol.”

In addition to the new trading tool, the clients who will use the platform will be able to access a new analytics tool called BrokerTec Analytics. The analytics tool will provide clients with information about their trading performance and historical transaction data.


BrokerTec is the industry leading anonymous dealer-to-dealer electronic trading platform for the fixed income markets, providing innovative technology solutions across a wide range of products to customers in more than 50 countries around the world.

It facilitates trading solutions for many US and European fixed income products including US Treasuries, European Government Bonds and European Repo.

It supports both API and manual trading for institutions, banks and non-bank professional trading organisations.

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