Coinbase Card: The Crypto Exchange launched Visa Card for UK Customers

Coinbase Visa is powered by customers’ Coinbase account crypto balalances, giving them the ability to pay in-store and online using bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin and more. The visa debit card will let UK customers to spend crypto as effortlessly as the money in thei bank.

Customers can use their card in millions of locations around the world, making payments through contactless, Chip and PIN, as well as cash withdrawals from ATMs. When customers use their card, we instantly convert crypto to fiat currency, such as GBP, which is used to complete the purchase.

Coinbase also released the Coinbase Card app for iOS and Android, which links customers’ Coinbase accounts with the app and allows them to choose a particular wallet to fund their Card. The app additionally provides access to receipts, transaction summaries, spending categories, and other features. The card reportedly supports all digital assets available to purchase and sell on the Coinbase platform.

This is the first debit card to link directly with a major cryptocurrency exchange in the UK and EU, allowing users to spend their crypto balances direct from their Coinbase account.

Coinbase Card is currently only available in the UK, but we plan to support other European countries in the coming months.

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