IBM Blockchain Technology improves with “Multicloud” Approach

It seems that IBM is more than interested in putting its money where its mouth is with the new version of its Enterprise Blockchain platform. This upgraded tool is intended to work with even more cloud services, thus increasing its reach and scope. It is easier for existing users to work with more flexibility and for new ones to see the value of trying it out.

This new version of the platform basically makes it easier for developers to work with the tool so that it can be used across multiple cloud services, CoinDesk reports. These include major examples like the AWS, Azure, and of course, IBM Cloud.

IBM CTO Jerry Cuomo also described the new version as a “fully-flexible blockchain platform, built around a well-managed open source distributed ledger technology, that can truly run in virtually any computing infrastructure.”

“Developers can now easily move from development to test to production from a single console. Included within the extension are code samples and tutorials, enabling any developer to easily become a blockchain developer. The IBM Blockchain Platform meets developers where they are, offering support for smart contracts to be written in JavaScript, Java, and Go languages,” the CTO said.

IBM is promising to allow for scalable payments. Basically, users who are only starting out can purchase only the services that they need in order to get started with access to features that go along with the price. As their business grows, clients can pay more for IBM to give them more features to work with.



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