MenaPay and PumaPay Join to Accelerate Payments Worldwide

MenaPay, the first blockchain-based payment gateway in the Middle East, and PumaPay, blockchain-based payment solution built around the innovative PullPayment Protocol, join forces to accelerate and decentralize payments worldwide.

MenaPay will accelerate the adoption of Islamic finance compliant payment gateways in the MENA region to redefine the current financial system while enabling merchants and users to benefit from fast, flexible, convenient and affordable crypto payments.

MenaPay Managing Director Tolga Odoğlu is says:

“We see this partnership as a step to expand our scale and develop ecosystems together. MenaPay provides a secure and faster payment process for Islamic finance in MENA region. And the best way to accelerate this is to integrate the ecosystems, namely the merchants in the Middle East and North Africa. With PumaPay and by using our secure & flexible blockchain technology we facilitate the payment process for merchants and 440 million unbanked people across 18 countries.”

In addition, PumaPay is capable of handling multiple payment transactions from a variety of payment systems and it has successfully built a healthy ecosystem of early cryptocurrency adopters comprised of businesses with proven track records committed to integrating the protocol.

“PumaPay and MenaPay both share the values of decentralization, disintermediation and increased the convenience of daily payments,” said PumaPay CEO Yoav Dror. He added that the combined processing volume “of the members of PumaPay ecosystem already exceeds $15 billion/annually and we intend to expand it further. We envision the relationship with MenaPay as long-term growth and alignment of our two ecosystems, for the benefit of merchants and their clients worldwide.”


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