GBP depending on good news. Overview for 17.01.2023


On Tuesday, the British pound against the US dollar remains neutral. The current quote is 1.2194.

This week, Great Britain will be very active on the macroeconomic calendar. And the news can make the pound nervous.

For example, today the employment market statistics for December are due. Both the number of unemployed and average wage parameters might demonstrate negative dynamics. The unemployment rate in November could remain without changes at 3.7%.

On Wednesday, a flow of statistics will also be presented, particularly all the price indices, such as the main inflation report, the CPI, base inflation, and more.

There is a Brexit risk for the pound, specifically – the Northern Ireland situation. No politician has offered an acceptable option here yet. The GBP is really bound to the USD but cannot use the driver because of many background complications.

Source: Roboforex

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