The cryptocurrency market digest (BTC, SOL). Overview for 18.01.2023


On Wednesday, the BTC is balancing near 21,278 USD. The bullish mood is still raging over the market, so the pause in buying is is no way suspicious. The buyers are heading for 22,000 USD. The resistance area is between 21,500-22,500 USD.

On the whole, the situation is quite benevolent to those who support crypto.

Capitalisation of the crypto market is 995.261 billion USD. Trillion is very close. The BTC takes up 41.2%, and its share has grown noticeably. The ETH share has expanded to 19.5%.

Intelligent X gathered 12 million USD

The Web3 Intella X game platform gathered 12 million USD to start its Polygon based project. Investors include Polygon itself, XL Games, Wemix, Crit Ventures, Planetarium, and more.

SOL: grown by 43% over week

Over a week the Solana altcoin (SOL) has grown by 43%. The token is this playing back what it lost in November. The project was connected to the FTX exchange, so the crash of the platform turned out as a real blow on the SOL.

VISA cooperates with Alchemy Pay

The Alchemy Pay service has been added to VISA payment methods as a part of the programme meant for providing more services to third-party agents. Thus Alchemy Pay will become a link between traditional finance and crypto.

Source: Roboforex

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