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Jul 21
Russian gas returns to Europe via Nord Stream 1 After 10 days of maintenance

Today, Thursday, July 21 (2022), Russian gas began flowing again to Europe as soon as maintenance operations were completed on Nord Stream 1 after an interruption of about 10 days. According to the data, Russia resumed pumping gas through the Nord Stream 1 pipeline early in the morning of Thursday, July 21 (2022), and this […]

Jul 19
European energy company debt jumps 50% since the beginning of 2020 to 1.72 trillion dollars

European energy companies are facing many challenges, amid continuing to bleed losses and debts, and searching for ways to finance their businesses, whose costs have increased in light of the rise in oil and gas prices. And energy prices in Europe this year (2022) reached record levels, in the wake of the Russian invasion of […]

Jul 18
Germany restarts 16 coal and oil power plants

Germany intends to restart 16 power plants running on fossil fuels, mainly coal and oil, to avoid electricity shortages due to an expected Russian cut in exports to Berlin, The Kyiv Independent reported on Sunday 17 July. The newspaper pointed out that German Chancellor Olaf Scholz stressed that his country did not intend to return […]

Jul 18
Oil prices rise 3% .. and Brent crude is near 104 dollars

Oil prices rise 3% .. and Brent crude is near 104 dollars Oil prices rose nearly 3% during Monday’s trading, supported by a weak dollar and tight supplies. Prices continued to gain, offsetting concerns about a recession and the possibility of a widespread coronavirus shutdown in China; Which again led to reduced demand for fuel. […]

Jul 15
Oil prices rise 1%, and Brent crude is above $101

Oil prices rose by more than 1%, during trading today, Friday, July 15, 2022, after US statements that an immediate increase in Saudi oil production is not expected, following US President Joe Biden’s visit to the Kingdom. This comes with further support from indications that the US Federal Reserve may raise interest rates less sharply […]

Jul 14
The gas crisis may push Germany to use wood to heat homes in the winter

Deutsche Bank (Germany’s bank) warned that the aggravation of the gas crisis in Germany may prompt citizens to return to using wood for heating to face the severe cold during the coming winter. According to analysts’ warnings, some homes will have to burn wood for heating instead of gas, as Russia continues to cut supplies, […]

Jul 13
Consumer inflation in the United States has reached its highest annual rate since 1981.

Consumer inflation in the United States has reached its highest annual rate since 1981. Consumer prices in the United States rose 9.1 % in June, the largest annual increase in more than four decades, as gasoline, food, and rent remained stubbornly high, bolstering the case for the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates by 75 […]

Jul 12
Oil prices are down 3%, and Brent crude is below $103

Oil prices fell by more than 3% during trading today, Tuesday, July 12, 2022, with the increase in infections with the new Corona virus in China, the largest importer of crude in the world. And the Covid-19 injuries in China supported fears of a global economic slowdown, which affected the outlook for fuel demand. Oil […]

Jul 08
Solar panel recycling market could exceed $2.7 billion in 2030

With demand for metals increasing amid a global energy transition, boosting solar panel recycling could give the industry the convenience and flexibility to meet its renewable energy goals over the coming decades. The energy research company, Rystad Energy, expects – in a report issued, on the evening of Wednesday, July 6, 2022 – the value […]

Jul 05
The International Energy Agency expects a contraction in gas demand Because of high prices and the Russian invasion

The International Energy Agency expects natural gas demand to decline slightly this year, with growth slowing further over the next three years. In a gas market report issued today, Tuesday (July 5), the Energy Agency attributed its expectations of a contraction in global gas consumption to high prices, with fears of more gas supplies being […]