Match-Trader, a new 3in1 trading platform

The new platform offered to brokers consists of web, mobile and desktop applications which make it a universal tool. It was designed to work in MT4/5 environment as well as a stand-alone trading system with its own backend infrastructure. The developers made sure that each broker can easily add Match-Trader’s web and mobile components to its MetaTrader platform to boost clients’ trading experience.

Match-Trader platform can be purchased currently as an addition to the MT4/MT5 White Label, soon it will be available as a White Label itself or with full Match-Trader server. All of this at a very affordable price.

The new FX trading platform provides vast branding possibilities such as adding a broker’s logo, changing colours and naming the app. Match-Trade’s team also made sure to ease the installation process. Match-Trader was developed in a cutting edge technology to be deployed straight to the broker’s website and to be easily installed by the user. The advanced technology makes this 3in1 platform truly one application.

“Match-Trader is a 3in1 trading platform developed in-house by our team of experts. It was designed to provide our clients with simplicity, transparency and modern design at a reasonable price. Our platform is distinguished by ease of use. Traders can fully synchronize settings between the web, mobile and desktop, and easily switch between accounts. When designing Match-Trader, we focused on making it intuitive and transparent – the user has a full picture concerning costs and the final result” – said Piotr Łągiewski, Head of Product Development at Match-Trade Technologies.

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