Scam Alert! Investors and Depositors are advised to stay away from depositing funds with World First UK Ltd. have learned that World First UK Ltd, and E-money transfer company, is involved in major misconduct by not issuing refunds to customers.

In the latest instance, the company is trying to defraud Vudu Ltd for more than EURO 8700 by not returning the funds.  However, World First UK Ltd, have continually communicated to Vudu Ltd that the funds will be returned.  Almost 2 months now, and World First UK Ltd is yet to refund the money nor provide a proof of refund/transfer

Vudu Ltd have since complained to the authorities for further action and filed a complaint with

After thorough investigation, we at side with Vudu ltd based on the evidence provided and the official communication received by Vudu Ltd from World First UK Ltd.

Here is the latest communication sent by World First Uk LTd to Vudu Ltd.

“Sorry for the continued delay. I have escalated this and am confident you should receive the funds in the next 24 hours. I will monitor the account now until the payment is made and will keep you updated”

More than 48 hours have passed and still no refund.

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