AERGO announced partnership with SatoshiPay

AERGO partners with SatoshiPay to Improve Crypto Micropayments

AERGO, the open-source hybrid blockchain and serverless cloud platform, announced a partnership with SatoshiPay to improve the cryptocurrency payment systems, creating the fastest micropayments system to date.

AERGO’s Chairman, and CEO, Phil Zamani commented that:

Enabling frictionless payments for blockchain applications and services is one of the missing links for enabling mass adoption of blockchain technology both in the B2B and B2C sectors.

Partnering with SatoshiPay will provide businesses globally with a powerful crypto infrastructure that is interoperable with fiat payment services. We plan to implement SatoshiPay’s technology to power aspects of the AERGO service layer with secure fiat payment options.

SatoshiPay will support the AERGO blockchain for the denomination, settlement and hosting infrastructure of its payments services. This will expose many of the cloud services, marketplaces, games and social media platforms as well as the entire AERGO’s ecosystem to SatoshiPay’s payment architecture and a fiat gateway.

SatoshiPay’s founder and CEO, Meinhard Benn applauded the deal saying that:

AERGO is an emerging platform that stands out as the only enterprise-ready blockchain deployment platforms in a nascent industry. The strong team behind AERGO has a remarkable track record with a number of corporate blockchain deployments already solving real-world problems, for example at Samsung or Lotte. We feel that AERGO, with its scalable and developer-friendly architecture, is a one-of-a-kind platform that will truly disrupt the enterprise IT space. We are proud to announce that AERGO is the next platform we look to build upon and integrate our services with.




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