CoinFLEX to Offer futures exchange

CoinFLEX – The new Hong Kong based leveraged trading platform will launch futures contracts to the Asian Market in February 2019. The new contracts for Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum will provide possible leverage of up to 20 times.

The new product is now live, as CoinFLEX is launching its physically delivered cryptocurrency futures exchange. The platform is based in Hong Kong and represents a spin-off of another exchange, Coinfloor, which is one of the earliest UK crypto exchanges.

CoinFLEX is the world’s first physically delivered crypto exchange. The physical delivery means that there is no risk of cash price settlement risk. The taker fee is 0.03%, and 99% multi-signature cold storage.

The registration takes less than 2 minutes, as stated on the website of the company. In addition, users will be able to take advantage of the algorithmic trading functionality of the platform, as well as the professional, customizable workspace.

“I fell in love with bitcoin because it’s peer-to-peer, open, and transparent,” stated Lamb. “Everyone has the chance to transact on the same network. Anyone who has the tools can run a node and I won’t reject your Proof of Work because you come from a different country, don’t speak my language, or don’t meet a government-set ‘capital requirement’. Crypto derivatives are built in the same fashion as bitcoin. Virtually anyone can sign up regardless of wealth, geographic location, or whether or not he or she has a bank account.”

“Tether is the most liquid, highest volume stablecoin that exists right now and seeing the resolution of recent issues and attestations by banks and outside firms make us confident in using it as a stable coin,” Lamb stated.

In order to be a large, global exchange focused on traders, the best way to serve the market is to be offshore. Since crypto is a global audience and being regulated by one country would restrict who we can deal with elsewhere, we have chosen to be offshore in order to maximize our accessibility and the trust traders place in us.

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