The euro and pound sterling pare down the intraday decline that took place during the Asian session as risk appetite remains high while the dollar repositioning continues. EURUSD consolidates around 1.03, GBPUSD trades slightly below 1.18 level. Data on industrial production in the EU for October added optimism; growth in annual terms amounted to 4.9% against the forecast of 2.8%:Arth

The market is sensitive to this indicator, as it correlates well with the overall health of the EU economy. The EU’s share of exports in GDP is about 50%, while the industrial equipment takes about 13% of exports. In addition, the competitiveness of the European industry depends on stable and cheap energy supplies, so the increase in production volumes against the backdrop of the much-discussed energy crisis makes one wonder how much it has affected the economy. 

The dollar index corrected 4% last week. The intensity of the correction largely stems from the fact that hoarding USD cash for several months was the most popular and crowded investment in the global community. At the same time, the share of equities in portfolios was at a relatively low level. The combination of a positive inflation report and the measures to support the economy in China became the catalyst for a large-scale short squeeze in risk assets. This week is quite calm in terms of events and reports in the economic calendar, so it cannot be ruled out that the bullish correction in stocks will continue. The dollar may also continue to decline, a move towards 105 on DXY is likely, where the price may find support.

It is rather difficult to estimate how far the correction can go, however, in the currency market, some movements look excessive. For example, the USDKRW has lost almost half of its rally in several sessions, even though the Fed has not yet signaled that it is starting to consider a pause in rate hikes. Fed official Waller said recently that it is too early to think about the end of the tightening cycle. This stopped the decline in Treasury yields. Overall, since the CPI report, Treasury yields have corrected only 20-30 basis points – not much by the standards of this year. 

The focus of the market is the meeting of the US and Chinese presidents in Indonesia, as well as speeches by Fed officials Brainard (dove) and Williams (moderate hawk).

The dollar index is likely to wander in the range of 105.50-107.50 this week. EURUSD may test 1.05 given that the correction of excess shorts on the pair, which have been accumulating since the start of the year, continues. Nevertheless, it is premature to consider an upside correction as the beginning of a new rally. So, for example, ECB official Guindos said that the market reaction to CPI was probably excessive, hinting that it won’t be easy to persuade the Fed with incoming favorable inflation surprises.