The cryptocurrency market digest (BTC, SHIB). Overview for 25.11.2022


On Friday, the BTC chart looks ambiguous. Main fluctuations of the leading crypto are at 16,425 USD. The market is selling cautiously.

On the one hand, panic around the instability of crypto exchanges and possible bankruptcies after the crash of FXT has somewhat subsided. Yet this happened just because there is no fresh news, and the existing events have already been accounted for by quotes.

On the other hand, trading activity remains below average, and the flow of money out of the crypto market remains mighty. In such circumstances, a directed movement is hard to form.

Technically, the growth is held back not only by healthy cautiousness and the self-preservation instinct. The level of 16,850 USD is the resistance, above which the BTC needs to secure to pass to 17,200 USD.

Capitalisation of the crypto market on Friday is 826.8 billion USD. The BTC takes up 38.2%, the ETH — 17.5%.

Plane tickets for altcoins

American Air and Air Canada now allow for buying tickets for the SHIB token. Such payments will be available by Visa Pay FCF cards. Apart from the SHIB, 20 more stablecoins will be able to buy tickets. This isn’t he very practical use of crypto that has been so much spoken about.

Lemon Cash fires employees

A crypto trading app Lemon Cash (Argentina) is cutting down on the staff. The number of employees has dropped by 38% because of the problems in the sector.

Grayscale assets are no less than 633 thousand BTC

The Grayscale managing company owns no less than 633,000 BTC, according to the Coinbase Custody surveillance. For analysis, Grayscale custodian reorientation has been used so that it could be analysed as a crypto address. What is this info necessary for? A large owner of the crypto can easily influence price behaviour.

Source: Roboforex

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